High Impact Customized Sales Training

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Equip your sellers with the skills to overcome the specific challenges they face every day in the field. A customized training solution preserves what’s working for your team, and corrects what isn’t.

Our customization process ensures that the training your salespeople receive accurately matches their daily selling experience and is tailored to fit your unique sales environment and organizational culture.

Whether you are looking to build a specific skill set for your sales team or design a comprehensive sales curriculum, we create solutions that fit for purpose and focus on driving results.


We have combined our sales and coaching curriculum with an approach to learning that ensures your sales teams learn, master, and apply stronger selling behaviors in the field. Whether finding, winning, or growing business, every sales team faces challenges unique to its organization and industry.

Our team of sales experts will prioritize what matters most and deliver customized training that drives the outcomes you seek.

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The ALIS Health Process


     1 - Define and Prioritize KPIs and Critical Selling Behaviors

     2 - Create Customized Training Solution

     3 - Engage the Team

     4 - Measure Results

Getting Started

Before deploying our customized training solution, we spend 2 to 8 weeks working with business owners and managers to build the curriculum.

We start with assessment tests that highlight areas of strength and weakness in your sales team. Insights from these assessments are used to develop a course that addresses your specific needs – i.e. lead generation, opportunity management, on-boarding, account development, etc.


In addition to our comprehensive customized sales training program, we offer:

  • Science-specific training and education, generalized and/or customized

  • 1- and 2-day in-person and online courses that cover topics like sales conversations (how to interact with a client), sales negotiation, complex sales training and more

  • An online support community which includes:

    • Live and recorded video resources, workbooks, exercises, sales scripts, webinars, and bonus training modules

    • Video coaching with sales experts and mentors

    • Email and chat support from sales experts


“Our approach is hands-on, tailored to the unique sales environment and organizational culture of each client, and based on strategies that support the sales process every step of the way.”