The ALIS Health Process: Sales Training

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STEP 1: Define and Prioritize KPIs and Critical Selling Behaviors

We begin by conducting a series of stakeholder interviews, most often with senior executives, frontline sales managers, and top-performing sales professionals. This helps us get a clear understanding of your strategy and culture, go deeper into your specific needs, and get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not. All of this helps guide the creation and delivery of your custom training solution.

STEP 2: Create Customized Training Solution

  • Build plan for how to meet training goals
    • Resources: Lectures/presentations, coaching, email/chat support, workbooks/exercises, assessments
    • Delivery methods: Online vs in-person, recorded vs live
    • Timeline: one-time course, series of courses, continued support, followup training/support, etc
  • Build in plan for measuring success
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STEP 3: Engage the Team

  • Deliver the customized training solution
  • Followup with management team (weekly, monthly, etc)

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STEP 4: Measure Results

  • Short term and long term metrics tracked